Which residency program is right for you?

Regardless of the program you choose, every resident has access to the library and media collection.



The Artist in Residence Program


Artists have exclusive access to a variety of audio & video devices, inviting them to experiment and play in a real-time analog/digital studio. For a list of equipment found in the AIR studio, CLICK HERE.



The Researcher in Residence Program


Researchers can be art historians, curators, critics, archivists, preservationists, writers who want to know more about media practices or artists who are spending time learning more about material or theoretical concerns surrounding media.


This program also has access to the Toolmaker equipment, including a wide variety of electronic components, media devices, cameras and other items of interest.



The Toolmaker in Residence Program


Eligible toolmaker applicants can include, but are not limited to hackers, circuit benders, software developers, engineers, and audio or visual instrument builders.


In addition, if you are an artist who is looking to figure out an interactive interface, design an installation environment, build a system of sensors or learn to program a specific piece of software for use in your art and you do not have a reason to use the artist in residence studio system, this is a good program for you.


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