Signal Culture Modular Apps

A New Suite of Experimental Realtime Video Processing Software

The Signal Culture Modular Apps gives you access to custom professional video and new media software applications for producing real-time experimental media artworks. Great for artists, VJ's, designers and hobbyists!


  • All of the new SC Modular Apps are scalable to any resolution your rig can handle.
  • Modular design and syphon/spout integration allows for seamless video processing across multiple software applications simultaneously.
  • These apps have external device support including easy midi controller assignment, external video cards, and live feed processing from webcams and external streaming devices!
  • Donation for the apps is Tax Deductible in the United States!
  • Get all the apps in the App Bundle and save on donation perks!
  • Check out all of the tutorial videos on the
    Signal Culture Modular Apps Tutorial Page


We recommend using the new Signal Culture Modular Apps on Mac OSX 10.11 or newer or Windows 10.


All of the Signal Culture Modular Apps are developed by Jason Bernagozzi with UI consultation by Eric Souther.

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