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Executive Director Debora Bernagozzi and artist Peer Bode looking at prints of video images  during an interview for Signal Culture

Signal Culture is building both an online and an on-site research center to provide our residents with a wide variety of materials. As we grow, Signal Culture will build an archive of work by artists, researchers and toolmakers in the field including artwork documentation, schematics, publications, podcasts and other materials.


You can view what publications and other media we have available in our on-site library at http://signalculture.libib.com/. You can also watch artist talks, a media arts panel and more on our Vimeo page at https://vimeo.com/signalculture.


We also have a media arts interview program where we are producing video interviews with both established historical figures and rising stars in the field of experimental media art. Interviews with Alan Powell, Dave Jones, David Ross, ecoarttech (Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint), John Knecht,  Kristin Lucas, Peer Bode, Phillip Stearns, Tom Sherman, and Tony Conrad are available in the Signal Culture Interviews album on Vimeo.


Signal Culture Interviews

John Knecht


Artist John Knecht welcomed us into his studio, showed us his animated works, and shared the stories, drawings, and paintings, that evolved into them.


Tony Conrad


Tony Conrad, artist, musician/composer, and media maker discussed his involvement in early underground cinema, in Media Study/Buffalo, and his activist support of community media access in Buffalo.


Peer Bode


Artist Peer Bode talked with us about his artwork, his relationship with media tools and theory, and his involvement in many of the major historic centers of media art in upstate New York.


Dave Jones


Dave Jones talked with us about the incredible video tools he has designed and created for the Experimental Television Center and for artists such as Gary Hill and The Art Guys.


Tom Sherman


Artist Tom Sherman discussed the power of video as a creative medium, the evolution of video technology and of his artwork, and ideas expressed in his text "Video as a Perceptual Prosthetic".


Kristin Lucas


Artist Kristin Lucas discussed her multidisciplinary work spanning such areas as signal processing, augmented reality, and investigations of identity.


Phillip Stearns


Artist Phillip Stearns talked about making art with electricity, circuit bending, and his glitch textiles.


David Ross


David Ross, former director of the Whitney Museum, ICA, and SF MoMA, shared with us some wonderful recollections of his career, including exhibiting Nam June Paik and Yoko Ono at the Everson Museum in Syracuse in the 1970s.


Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint: ecoarttech


Ecoarttech is a postdisciplinary collaborative whose work spans art, music, performance, theory, criticism, and creative writing.


Alan Powell


Alan discusses his long career as a video artist, in particular his many collaborations including with the Electron Movers and with his late wife, Connie Coleman.



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