Signal Culture is a live-in residency program for artists, researchers and tool makers in the field of experimental media art. Each resident is awarded time, space and access in order to make new work in their respective fields. Resident spaces feature:


   - Shared kitchen, common area, and dining room

   - A private bedroom and studio work space

   - Shared fridge, pantry, kitchen appliances & dishes

   - Shared library of printed, digital and time based


   - Easy access to shopping and events in Loveland



Jones Colorizer in the artist studio


Signal Culture has artist and a toolmaker studios that are both equipped with a variety of media devices and components. Our studios have been designed with the help of Hank Rudolph and Dave Jones through Organizational Development support from the Media Arts Technical Assistance Fund of NYSCA Electronic Media and Film, administered by Wavefarm.


The artist studio has both real-time analog and digital image processing equipment, custom made hardware and software, a variety of interactive interfaces and alternative imaging devices in a modular format. Our inventory has over 300 items and is growing every month, the list is too large to include everything here. Here is a sampling of what we have:


   - Mac Pro, PC, Amiga, and Raspberry Pi computers

   - Jones four channel analog colorizer

   - Jones Raster Manipulator - Only one Dave Jones made, works very similarly to a Rutt/Etra Scan Processor

   - Hearn Videolab Analog Processing System

   - Wobbulator

   - +/- 5v CV modules including Eurorack & other audio

      synthesis systems

   - Jones MVIP and Makenoise Phonogene modules

   - Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion, Arduino and an

      assortment of MIDI devices for A->D/D->A

   - Studio cameras and TBCs for live camera work

   - 8mm & 16mm film cameras and projectors

   - Wide range of video cameras including non-standard

      cameras like a Carson microscopic camera, a dental camera, and early Sony Portapak cameras w/ live composite video capabilties.

   - Wide range of professional and DIY software packages including custom software for video processing, glitch, audio synthesis, performative interfaces, etc.

   - Mixers, audio effects boxes, video & audio patch bays



Our toolmaker studio offers space, electrical components and tools used to create a wide variety of media devices. This includes:


  - Bread boards, perf board, multi-meters, clips, Hakko

      digital soldeirng iron, magnifiers, visors, etc.

   - Wide range of resistors, capacitors, diodes, and other

      electrical components, both common and rare

   - A range of chips, including CMOS, NTSC, PAL,

      switches, crossfaders and more.



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