Equipment Wishlist



Computers - Mac or PC computers, Amiga boards and flatscreen monitors


Analog synthesis - Modular or stand alone, Doepfer, Moog, Korg etc.


Video cameras and lenses - interested in professional and consumer, HD and SD, toy cameras, high speed cameras, GoPro, etc.


Cables - Always! In particular RCA, HDMI, 1/4", 1/8", BNC, and adapters


Video decks - Beta, S-VHS, etc.


Tripods - Fluid head and 3-way tripods are especially useful


Lighting equipment - Tota Lite, LED lights, Reflectors, Strobes, High power infrared for night vision


Alternative imaging devices - medical imaging, multi-spectrum cam, etc.


Interactivity tools - New or old, from Arduino through Miditron


Tools for circuit bending/hacking workstation


Video synthesizers


Sound studio equipment - Mics, Instruments, etc.

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