Signal Culture Cook Book Bundle


Get both the Signal Culture Cookbook and Signal Culture Cookbook Vol. 2 and save $10


The Signal Culture Cookbooks are a collection of techniques and creative practices employed by artists working in the field of media arts. Articles include real-time glitch video processing, direct laser animation on film, Interactive Analog Video Synths with Light Guns, Vectrex Oscillographics Modification,- and more!


Contributors to the cookbooks include Atif Akin, Brett Ian Balogh, Jason Bernagozzi, Michael Betancourt, Alan Bigelow, Michael Bosworth, Angélica Piedrahita, Carl Diehl, Nicholas Economos, Jesse England, Pascale Gustin, Darius Kazemi, Eric Leonardson, Evan Merz, Ellen Pearlman, Kristin Reeves, Stephanie Rothenberg, Bill Sack, Ruth Sergel, Michael Trigilio, Lee Montgomery, Charles Woodman, Judson Wright, Russell Kramer, Megan Young, Justin Lincoln, Kaspar Ravel, Joshua Fishburn, Chris Kerich, Lee Tusman, Astrovandalistas, Devon Ward, Kynan Tan, AP Vague, Andrew Duff, Norberto Gomez Jr. Joelle Dietrick, Gretta Louw, Owen Mundy, Christian Carrière, Joseph Hyde, Nick Bontrager and Taylor Hokanson.



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