The Barbie Video Girl posing in front our Jones Colorizer

Photo taken by intern Janeen LaMontagne

Artists in Residence

The Signal Culture Artist in Residence program offers time, space and studio access for artists in the field of experimental media art. The Artist Studio features a wide range of media tools, both new and old, for use in a real time audio/video/data processing system. Our philosophy is to create a space for experimentation and for artists to develop a dialogue with the range of tools available. As such, we do not expect artists to create finished works, rather we encourage our residents to spend time exploring conceptual and material practices.


Applicants do not need to have prior experience working with media. Hank Rudolph, Jason Bernagozzi, and Debora Bernagozzi serve as volunteer staff that will assist in limited instruction on the equipment and software and answer questions. You are expected, however, to be self-sufficient and work independently, performing all aspects of your production.


You can learn more about our artists in residence by searching our profile database by year:











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