Startup to Sustainability Fundraising Campaign


Signal Culture is ramping its Startup to Sustainability fundraising campaign! Our goal is to raise $50,000 to ensure the financial stability and future of our organization.



Go to our Donation page to see how you can help (And get cool stuff!)



Why donate to Signal Culture?


  • Since January of 2014 we have hosted 100+ artists, researchers and toolmakers in our residency program at no charge!
  • We created videos of interviews, artist talks, panels and performances for free on Vimeo
  • We are developing tool research in the form of software applications and physical tools such as the color wobbulator.
  • See our Donation page for more examples!



What will your donation go towards?


  •  Ability to apply for grants that require matching funds.
  • Set up a multi-format viewing area in our library so that residents may easily access items in our media library.
  • Expand electrical capacity of our artist studio.
  • Obtain equipment for recording and distributing podcast interviews. We will need to travel for this. The podcast will allow us to generate income from sponsorships.
  • Establish a repertoire of  traveling exhibitions and screenings. Participating artists will receive fees for participation. Exhibition and screening fees should also help to generate income.
  • Assure long term participation of staff by transitioning them to salaried employees instead of volunteers.
  • And so much more!


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